It pays to go green!

In new laws set by the Department for Transport in efforts to reduce green house gasses, trucks that meet new Euro VI emissions will be able to claim a 10% discount on the HGV Road User Levy.

In contrast, trucks who do not meet the Euro VI emissions standard will pay up to 20% more due to the failure to meet the standards. This law will be enforced in February 2019, so we may see a an increase in newer cleaner trucks over the course of 2018.

Ever notice how the motorway slow lanes are more torn up?

There is a reason for that. Trucks due to their significant weight contribute heavily to the destruction of the road we travel on. This Levy is a recent tax introduction on these vehicles for the increased damage caused by there loads.

The Department for Transport is using this scheme to potentially persuade companies to use more eco friendly vehicles in order to save our environment and well save the companies money too.

The government has announced that the extra money collected by the increase in these types of taxes will be put into the roads.

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