What is the future of transport?

As you already know, artificial intelligence and robots are being introduced to our daily lives. Whether or not you like it, the future is robotics.

So how does this effect the transport of goods?

Well, with the likes of google announcing Waymo and Uber using self driving trucks on the highways of Arizona, it looks like the future of transport is in driverless cars.

Don’t worry though, if you think you’re going to be seeing a 60ft truck hurling your way without a driver at the wheel any time soon, you’re safe.

Most cases of driverless trucks and most driverless technology in general are limited to a more remote location and are still in testing. You may however recall Otto (an Uber bought startup) in 2016 delivering Budweiser in an autonomous truck, however it was accompanied by four state patrol cars as it travelled along the Colorado highway.

This does ponder the question of when will we be seeing these trucks without a driver in populated areas? and what will happen to the current work force of transport today?

Only time will tell.

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