Whats next for the future of deliveries?

Have you ever imagined yourself opening the door to a hovering robot delivering your recently purchased amazon product?

No? Well, you may not have to imagine it.

Back in 2016 amazon launched Prime Air, and successfully delivered its first products via drone delivery.

Due to restrictions, drones were not allowed to be flown beyond the point of sight. However, this may all change very soon.

It is reported that as early as 2019 we may see drone deliveries become more commercialised. And a lucky few (mainly in rural areas) may see their products being delivered by these unmanned aerial machines.

This type of delivery has major implications across the personal delivery market segment. The amount of time, money and man power it may save by replacing standard drivers and vehicles for flying deliverymen could be drastic, and anyone who can get on board is likely to keep some major benefits.

PwC estimates drone deliveries to be worth $13 billion along with its $127 billion global worth.  Company giants of the likes of Google and Amazon clearly show investment into the project however it still has ways to come.

Issues like security and public safety will always be present and solutions need to be put in place before it becomes common practice.

Though it may not be in the wind right now, it certainly looks promising that drone deliveries will take off in the future.

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